Ah yes glorious Sleep ! What a wonderful invention .

Mother Nature has come up with the perfect way to detoxify and repair our bodies with the least amount of conscious effort on our part. How wonderful and thoughtful she is.

Sleep is an important part to overall good health and bounding energy . If we are deprived of sleep then we will tend to suffer from the following:

Cognitive difficulties ( unable to think clearly )
High blood pressure
Loss of libido

Most people require at least eight hours of sleep in order to function at their optimum level although this may vary upon the age and also the activities during the day. As one advances with age the requirement for sleep tends to diminish a little.

If you have difficulty in sleeping and suffer from Insomnia then Mother Natures Pharmacy is here to help you. ! We believe that a wholistic approach is best and that Nature has again provided the answer. A cup of warm chamomile tea before retiring is calming as is a cup of hot milk and honey. Other herbs such as passionflower and hops are most effective in making the patient sleep restfully and awake refreshed without the “groggy” feeling one often gets with commercial sleeping tablets which by the way tend to be addictive.

If you follow the preceding recommendations in this “ Magnificent 7 Tips for Boundless Energy” I am confident that in a short space of time your days of Insomnia will be but a mere bad memory.