If you want to have Boundless Energy then YOU simply must find some personal time on a weekly basis to do that special something you find relaxing and enjoyable.

I understand that sometimes we get caught up in the busy schedule of day to day events particularly when we are married and have a family. It just does not get any easier because as the children get older they tend to do sport and mum and or dad turn themselves into taxis. This makes any �?free time” committed to do things that may not provide the relaxation and enjoyment we had hoped for. Other times we may be doing post graduate work or are busy trying to build up our own business.

Perhaps it is time that you indulged in a weekly massage, or invest in attending a weekly yoga or tai chi lesson ? We all need to pamper ourselves at times in order to nurture the soul .

We all need “time out” at least once per year. I have known people absolutely tied to their business or jobs and say; “I have not got the time to have a break”. If your schedule is really this busy then the trick to do is to get your diary out and pick one week out twice a year or in other words once every six months. You will then proceed to plan a short holiday and literally get out of the cooking pot in order for you to maintain your sanity and to recharge your batteries. Yes just RELAX because you have earned a rest.

Do this to get energy!!!