Your parents were correct when they said that “breakfast is the foundation of the day”.

When you think about it whilst we sleep our bodies undergo quite a bit of repair and tend to detoxify . Stress hormones are counteracted, yin is replenished and our digestive system takes a rest . This is why our first meal of the day is so important for energy because we are literally “breaking the fast”.

Breakfast needs to consist of protein if you are going to be engaged in heavy physical activities just as our forefathers were back on the farms, shipyards, labourers, or the hunters and gathers of thousands of years ago. You should think of protein as like a red gum log which will burn for many hours and give out a tremendous Energy.

On the other hand a self made muesli form oats, oat bran , almonds, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisons, and prunes may be your delectable delight. It will certainly safe guard you form cardiovascular disease by keeping your cholesterol in check, cleaning out your arteries, as well as keeping your immune system and sex life Hot .!