I am sure that you have heard people say “You do not need supplements if you have a well balanced diet” and that “You are just wasting your money……….you’re going to have very expensive urine”

Unfortunately although the above comments were true about seventy years ago they no longer tend to apply in my opinion. One needs to remember that the RDA or “recommended daily allowance” was initially pioneered not long after the second world war and was based upon prisoners of war who had been in captivity for years.

The rationale behind the RDA was quite sound and justifiable at the time because in essence it begged the question of just how much of a certain vitamin or mineral was necessary to ward off a particular disease. This became the RDA or recommended daily allowance which we still base our health upon.

In today’s modern world however we are constantly bombarded with a multitude of chemicals, toxins, and environmental pollutants which inevitably end up in the food chain. It is an entirely different world today than what it was when the RDA came into existence.

The pace of life is much faster than that of yesteryear and I believe that chronic stress as well as inflammation and oxidative stress play a significant role in the cause and formation of many diseases now prevalent not only the in Western World but also developing countries.

Farming practices leave a lot to be desired and differ greatly form our fore fathers who were wise in rotating a plot of land and giving it a rest in order to regenerate its lost minerals during cropping. It is a well known scientific fact for example that most soils lack selenium which has a vital role in the immune system and in guarding us against certain cancers of the bowel. The refinement of grains has removed much of their magnesium and vitamin content unlike what food was like years ago. Need I go on?

I recommend taking a multi vitamin and mineral capsule daily with the main meal of the day. I would also take additional vitamin C to help repair the body and aid the adrenals in dealing with stress . There are many other supplements available but consideration of your personal health situation as well as the prescription drugs you may be taking need to be carefully assessed at a full health appraisal.